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Work Group

Inglês – 2ª Série – Volume 3


            In this writing activity, you will work in groups (four or five students) to produce letters to be published in a fictional magazine: two letters asking for advice and two letters giving advice.
            Follow these steps:
1. Look at some teen magazines in Portuguese (printed or online) in order to study how the section that brings reader´s problems and the columnist´s advice is organized. Read the letters and check what kind of problems the readers talk about.
2. Talk to all the group members and decide on the following topics:

The name of your magazine:

The name of the section:

Letter one – problem and reader´s name and age:

Letter two – possible advice for letter one

Letter three – problem and reader´s name and age

Letter four – possible advice to letter three

3. Now it is time to start writing the letters! Don´t worry about mistakes now, it is only a draft! Use the letters you read in Situated Learning 3 as a guide. Remember one.
a) end the letter asking for advice. You can use one of the following expressions: “What should I do?”, “Help me, please!” or “What can I do?”;
b) write the reader´s name and age;
c) use imperative verbs or modal verbs (should, must and might) to give short and objective advice.
4. It is time to share the texts! Swap drafts with another group. Read your friend´s letters and help them improve their texts. Check if they have the characteristics listed in Step 3.
5. Now, get your own texts back and check your friend´s suggestions. Re-read your text and try to make further corrections. Are the verbs in the correct tense? What about spelling and punctuation?
6. To round it off, write the final version of your letters to be published in the problem page of your fictional magazine.

7. Share your problem page with class. You can put it up on the classroom walls it around so everybody can read it!
Para saber mais sobre esteriótipos e preconceitos, em inglês, utilize seu site favorito de busca e coloque palavras-chave para pesquisar, como: stereotypes in films; stereotypes list; stereotypes in schools; prejudice; bullying.
Para saber mais sobre temas voltados a adolescentes e ler respostas para perguntas mais frequentes visite: http://kidshealth.org
Ao concluir a Situated Learning 4 (produção das 4 cartas) observe os seguintes passos:
- identifique todos os integrantes do grupo no arquivo
- salve o arquivo em word com o nome/modelo SL4_2A_letters_nomedogrupo
- envie o trabalho para o email professoralucianacosta@ig.com.br
- no campo “assunto” do email escreva: Trabalho Letters 2º A.

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